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Koja Café

KojaCafe Logo.png
KojaCafe Logo.png
  • Image by Rubaitul Azad
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Truly Great Coffee

Koja Café near lower Lonsdale Avenue-North Vancouver. Our Café will quickly grown into a neighborhood gem. Our unique design promoting local artists, paired with our, gourmet pastries and unbeatable coffee have quickly grown this proudly local business into a thriving community. We welcome you to come experience it for yourself!

Pour-over Coffee 


We have special Turkish Coffee

For those who like it differently

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KojaCafe Logo.png
Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


We hear the words 'Ethical Coffee' often in Specialty Coffee, but what does it actually mean?

The idea of ethics in coffee was developed around 2 main issues:

1- Farmers who are being exploited and paid unfair prices which leaves them in poverty
2- Farmers who in order to survive, undertake cost cutting, often unethical practices like cheap labor, misuse of the land to increase yield and the use of cheap pesticides. Good reason to avoid supermarket coffee - not only it tastes bad but the farmer gets a bad deal and the environment is impacted.

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