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Persian Heroes

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Rostam or Rustam is a legendary hero in Persian mythology, the son of Zāl and Rudaba,
whose life and work was immortalized by
the 10th-century Persian poet Ferdowsi in the Shahnameh, or Epic of Kings, which contains pre-Islamic Iranian folklore and history. Rostam is best known for his tragic fight with Esfandiyār, the other legendary Iranian hero

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Kaveh is a 5000-year-old figure in Iranian mythology who leads a popular uprising against a ruthless foreign ruler, Zahāk. His story is narrated in the Shahnameh, the national epic of Iran. Kāveh was, according to ancient legends, a blacksmith who launched a national uprising against the evil foreign tyrant Zahāk, after losing two of his children to serpents of Zahāk

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Gordāfarīd is one of the heroines in the Shāhnāmeh, an enormous poetic opus written by the Persian poet, "Ferdowsī" around 1000 AD. She was a champion who fought against Sohrab and delayed the Turanian troops who were marching on Persia. She is a symbol of courage and wisdom for Iranian women

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Roudabeh is a Persian mythological female figure in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh. She is the princess of Kabul, daughter of Mehrab Kaboli and Sindukht, and later she becomes married to Zäl, as they become lovers. She is mother of Rostam

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Abtin is a character in Shähnameh (National epic of Persia), who is the father of Fereydun. He is mentioned as the father of Fereydun in the Avesta Holley book

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Sudabeh is a character in the Persian epic "Shahnameh". She was princess of "Hamavaran kingdom" and later, becomes the wife of "KayKāvus", King of Iran, and stepmother to prince "Siyavash"

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